Do any of you mamas out there get into a rut? It is time to feed your baby/toddler and you walk into the kitchen and can’t think of a dang thing to feed him/her? Or you feel as though they eat the same things day in and day out? I definitely feel like this. So I decided to share with you wonderful moms out there how to get out of the food rut. You would think after 5 kids I would always have these amazing food ideas but I still find myself searching for new things to feed the babies.

Please do not judge me! I feel as though we can be so judgemental about parenting. Too much sugar, too much dairy, not enough dairy so on and so forth. You get the point. We are all trying our best. Here are just some quick, healthy (ier-ish) ideas.

quick and healthy finger foods for babies and toddlers


Mandarin Oranges

Strawberries (halved or quartered)


Red or green Grapes (halved or quartered)


Blueberries (frozen or not)

Apples (peeled and cut in cubes)




Peaches (canned or cut)


Watermelon (my babies and toddler will suck on this forever. Also GREAT for teething)


Dried Fruit (raisins, craisins)

Smoothies (HERE is one of our favorite recipes)



Lima Beans

Corn (my babies and toddlers love to eat and chew on it on the cob)

Steamed Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots

Sweet Potato

Mashed Potatoes

Olives (these can be quite fun as well)

Protein & Dairy

Deli Turkey or ham

Cottage cheese

Pinto or Black beans


Turkey Hot dogs (cut small)


Hard Boiled eggs

Tofu cubed


goldfish crackers



Pasta (whole wheat)

Pancakes (I make a ton of extra of THESE on Sunday and keep them frozen to give out during the week.)

XO, Shea

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quick and healthy finger foods for babies and toddler



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