Getting kids ready in the morning is no easy task. Especially when they aren’t quite old enough to do their own hair. I’m a psycho about my kids hair, so I’d love to do their hair up until high school, but I’m fully aware that will never happen! I love a hairstyle that is quick, easy, cute and that will last ALL DAY LONG! Kids are movin’ and a groovin’ so I prefer most of my kids hairstyles up and out of their face. I hate to see kids hair in their eyes all day long. It drives me crazy!

I’ve rounded up mine and Shea’s most favorite and easy hairstyles for your little girls. Seriously ANYONE can do these hairstyles!!! These are SO EASY and CUTE!

Hopefully this makes your mornings run a little smoother and your daughter will feel like a million bucks walking out the door!

Here are our favorite products we like to use:

Favorite Gel (super cheap, lasts forever, and keeps the hair in place all day. Favorite gel for boys HERE)

Favorite Hairspray (affordable and keeps hair secure! Seriously LOVE it!)

Favorite Hairbrush

Favorite Comb

Favorite Elastics and THESE

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Hairstyle #1: The Heidi

A video tutorial for this hairstyle is linked HERE. This is one of my all time favorites.

girls hairstyles


Hairstyle #2: Double Buns

girls hairstyles

girls hairstyles

Here’s an adult version that is cute too!

Hairstyle #3: Bubble Pony

French braid or Dutch braid the top section of hair and secure with elastic. Part another section an inch above ear and add in the section above. Continue down the hair repeating steps. Pull hair out a little between each elastic to make it look like a bubble. Really cute and easy!

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #4: Classic Bun

Use lots of gel and hairspray for this one. You can either twist hair and wrap around or braid it. I also love to switch it up a bit and do the bun on the side of her head.

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #5: Rope Twist Bun

View this tutorial HERE. It’s like the classic bun but with a little twist. (Pun intended)

Hairstyle #6: Triple Braid

You can also switch this up by doing fish tail braids instead. Fishtail braids just take a little longer. You can part the hair in the center or a little off to the side.

girls hairstyles

Londyn’s Top

Hairstyle #7: Half Up Half Down Braids

I love to do this hairstyle the day after I do #6 because the hair looks like it’s curled from the braid the day before.

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #8: Rolled Over Bun

Secure hair in a pony tail. Gather all the hair and start rolling the hair from the end of the pony tail towards her face. Once you get to her head, spread out bun a little and secure with A LOT of bobby pins. I love adding the bow to the back for this hairstyle.

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #9: Princess Jasmine

This was my favorite hairstyle as a child. Go HERE for the tutorial.

Hairstyle #10: 3 Braided Buns

I love this one. It looks difficult but it’s not one bit. Check out the hair tutorial HERE.

Hairstyle #11: Two Braided Twist

Part hair down the center and put each half into pony tails. Braid each pony tail and secure with elastic. Take one braid and wrap it around the other pony tail and back over. Secure with bobby pins. Do the same thing with the other side. It doesn’t have to look perfect. It will all just mesh together. This would look even cuter with fish tail braids.

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #12: 3 Twisted Buns

This hairstyle is a little edgy and rocker girl-ish. Check out the tutorial HERE.

Hairstyle #13: French Braid into Messy Bun

The first picture is the side view (girl on left) and the next is the front view. Part hair on side. Start french braiding (or dutch braid) on the parted side. Continue along the head until you reach above the other ear. Gather remaining hair and secure with an elastic. Then grab another elastic and do a messy bun or whatever type of bun you prefer! Top it off with a cute bow to finish the look!

girls hairstyles

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #14: Twisted Hair Down

This is way easy and perfect if your girl wants to wear her hair down but not in her face. All you do is twist the section of hair in front back towards you. Secure with a bobby pin.

girls hairstyles

This is also a cute idea if you’re wanting her to wear her hair down but out of her face.

girls hairstyles

Hairstyle #15: Pigtails with Bows

Now this is probably the easiest one of all, but I love it and they look ADORABLE! You’ve got to add the bows or ribbons or it’s just not as cute!

girls hairstyles

BONUS: Check out our tutorial HERE for little boys!

We have TONS more hair tutorials so let us know if you’d love to see more!

xoxo Ashton

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